Cats are natural scratchers and they love to do it on your furniture.

If you’re sick of constantly replacing your couches, chairs, and other furniture due to your kitty’s claws, then buying a cat bed scratcher from Amazon today is the answer.

Here’s why it will help protect your furniture from damage.

Divert Your Cat’s Attention from Your Furniture

The main reason cats scratch is because they instinctively need to sharpen their claws and mark their territory.

To keep them away from scratching your furniture, buy them a cat bed scratcher that allows them to satisfy their needs in a safe way.

Placing the cat bed scratcher near their sleeping area can help draw attention away from the couch or other furniture pieces.

By providing them with an alternative, you can successfully divert their attention away from damaging your furniture and onto something that won’t hurt you or them in the long run.

A Place for Them to Relax and Unwind

Cats also like to scratch so that they can relax and unwind after a long day of running around and playing games with you.

Besides being an outlet for cats to express themselves, it also helps relieve stress while giving them a place they can call all their own.

Having a special spot just for them like this will make them feel secure and create a sense of belonging in your home – making it easier for you and your pet to bond better than ever before!

Encourage Good Behavior with Positive Reinforcement

If your kitty is still having difficulty staying away from the couch or other areas of the house where scratching isn’t allowed, consider using positive reinforcement techniques like treats or catnip as rewards when they use the cat bed scratcher instead of clawing at the furniture or carpeting.

This will encourage good behavior while helping deter bad habits like scratching upholstery in no time!

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Happy Shopping!!

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