Having a hard time keeping your cat's claws away from the furniture?

We understand that cats love to scratch, play and express their needs in different ways.

That’s why we did the research for you and found five of the best bed scratchers on Amazon specifically made for your finicky kitty!

Each one is designed with their comfort and enjoyment in mind, so they'll be sure to love at least one of them.

Imagine providing your kitty with hours of fun while they keep their nails trim and avoid expensive trips to the vet or replacing damaged furniture.

What could be better?  High-quality materials like plush fabric, sturdy bases and natural sisal ropes will make these scratches comfortable yet durable enough to last through lots of playtime.

Read this blog post now to find out which cat bed scratcher would work best for you!

We hope you find everything you need and more from the picks we’ve shared! Each product was independently selected by our editors. Also, PawsPicks may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to purchase something (that's how we stay in business).

Are you looking for something extra special for your beloved finicky cat? Look no further than Socostar!

This cutting edge cat scratch bowl shell is made from eco-friendly ABS material so it’s not only beautiful in appearance, but also incredibly durable.

At its heart is a corrugated board plus imitation wool plush mat, making it perfect for cats of all sizes and shapes.

We know you won’t need to replace it anytime soon either. It measures up at a whopping 66cm by 43cm—so if you have a fat kitty, we’ve got you covered!

Not to mention, this bowling-style bed looks as chic as they come!

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This clever design eliminates the need for tools during assembly, saving you time and energy.

Plus, the fact that the shell is made of ABS material means it won’t be affected by water or dirt, so cleaning it is a breeze - just rinse with water and your bed will be as good as new again!

Not only is it practical, but its oval shape allows your feline friend to fit comfortably while they scratch those pesky itches from serrated edges and steps.

To add a bonus feature we even included two glowing bouncy balls to minimize ball rolling noise and let them play even in the dark! This is one cat bed designed for every finicky feline out there.

Get ready to pamper your furry friend!

Introducing the ultra-luxe Socostar - the perfect 2-in-1 dual folding cat bed for even the finickiest feline!

This sophisticated pet furnishing is made with a unique symmetrical design that can be folded into any shape and size to give your kitty plenty of room to lounge.

Its intricate patterns and textures are paired with luxurious materials, making this one cushy spot for catnaps.

Whether it’s a kitten or an adult cat of any breed, Socostar is sure to bring joy and comfort when they need it most.

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Finding high-quality and durable materials that are also eco-friendly can be a challenge, but Socostar has done all the hard work for you!

This modern cat couch is definitely among the crème de la crème of pet accessories, designed to last with its corrugated paper and catnip elements as well as a luxurious high density textured mesh.

Cats will simply love these paw-pleasing fabrics - no more damaged furniture or sofas! It's finicky felines' chance to confine their claws in comfort and fashion at last.

Your finicky feline will love the MSBC scratching pad!

Crafted specifically for cats, this scratching pad meets all of their needs for climbing, scratching, and rolling around.

Perfect for releasing stress and getting healthy exercise, it's the perfect spot for your kitty to stretch out after their day of lounging around the house.

The oval design is specially made to fit the spine better when your cat curls up on the scratching pad, reducing pressure on the spine and giving them a more secure sense of comfort. With luxury features meant just for cats, they're sure to love cuddling up with MSBC!

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These high-quality scratchers provide both comfort and practicality –– made from durable corrugated cardboard with an imitation wood grain appearance and a size ideal for multiple cats and kittens.

They have been specially designed to resist deformation and withstand daily scratching, making them a great choice for even the most persnickety feline companions.

Looking for a hideout your finicky feline loves? Bedsure is here to save the day!

Crafted with lightweight and durable MDF boards, Bedsure's classic style works in every room — from the bedroom and living room, to the office or garage.

Not only that, but your kitty can jump and play freely without fear of collapse.

This charming cat cave is sure to keep your furry friend safe and sound while they catch those much-needed kitty naps.

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If you’re looking for an ideal hideout for your finicky feline, the cat hideout is well worth a look.

Its large 16.5 x 16.5 x 14" bottom compartment easily accommodates cats of all sizes, and its top platform gives them plenty of room to relax.

Not only is it spacious and comfortable, but also incredibly easy to put together – no fussing with tiny screws or tools required!

The covers are made from machine-washable sisal fabric for all-season comfort, plus they’re reversible so you can switch up the look when needed.

If you want to provide your cat with the best scratching experience on the market, look no further than FluffyDream!

With its unique reversible and adjustable design, this board is perfect for cats of all sizes and breeds.

Its healthy materials will satisfy your finicky feline's natural scratching instinct without any damage to your furniture.

The vertical and horizontal scratch options will keep your kitty happy and entertained for hours.

And because it’s designed with their overall health in mind, you can even trust that it’ll help improve their balance and exercise habits!

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With your feline friend in mind, it's time to upgrade their playground with an eco-friendly cat scratching board!

Made of 100% recyclable cardboard and non-toxic corn starch glue, this one can take the constant bites and scratches with ease– so don't worry if you have a particularly finicky cat!

Measuring 17'' x 9'' x 14'', it comes shaped like a TV for extra entertainment value, providing hours of fun and playtime away from furniture, saving you from dreaded scratches.

Now you won't have to worry about going through replacement boards ever again – this one will ensure your beloved kitten has plenty of playtime ahead!

Cat Bed Scratcher FAQs

You love your cat, but you don't love the scratches they leave all over your furniture.

A Cat Bed Scratcher can help prevent your furniture from being scratched to pieces, but you're not sure if it's the right choice for you and your furry friend.

We've put together this FAQ section to answer all of your questions about Cat Bed Scratchers.

By reading through this information, you'll be able to decide if a Cat Bed Scratcher is the right choice for both of you.

What is the best cat bed scratcher?

There are some key factors you should consider when selecting a scratcher for your feline friend.

First and foremost, think about where you want your cat’s scratcher to be located in relation to their sleeping area. Some cats prefer having their scratching post right next to the bed while others may want it further away so they can have more independence. If possible, try getting two different types of scratchers so you can accommodate both preferences!

Next, take into account your cat’s size and weight when choosing a scratching post or mat that won’t easily topple over due to heavy use. You also might want something made from materials like sisal rope or jute which provide ample traction for cats with sharp claws – plus these durable fabrics will last longer than traditional carpeting!

Finally, look for features that make the item especially appealing such as dangling toys or attached cushions that offer extra comfort during naptime! Be sure to pick a model specifically designed for cats rather than anything meant for other pets – this way you know its structure has been built with kitty safety in mind.

How do I choose a cat bed scratcher?

You want to get the best option for your cat that is comfortable, durable, and easy to maintain - after all, kitties can tend to have picky preferences!

First things first: consider comfort. Look for a bed scratcher with an adequately cushioned surface because if it’s too hard or stiff, your kitty won’t enjoy lounging on it as much. The cushion should also be made of high-quality polyester fibers that provide excellent padding and maximum comfort.

Second, ensure that the material is durable enough for many years of use so you don't have to replace it anytime soon. Durability comes from strong fabrics such as dense woven cotton and thick sisal rope since they are resistant against wear and tear from regular use. In addition, opt for one with reinforced stitching in order to prevent breakage due to your cat scratching away at it daily!

Thirdly, purchase one that will require minimal maintenance – this saves time in the long run and helps eliminate any messes caused by worn fabric pieces or accumulations of fur over time. For example, you may want one machine-washable cover so cleaning up accidents (or just freshening up) will never be an issue again—some even come with two interchangeable covers which offer more flexibility when washing them separately! Lastly make sure you measure the area where you plan on placing the bed before making a purchase; this prevents having something that won’t fit right or has too little room inside once set up in its designated spot in your home.

What are the benefits of using a cat bed scratcher?

Using a cat bed scratcher provides an abundance of benefits for both cats and pet owners alike. For cats, this type of scratcher gives them a comfortable scratching surface on which to relax and take naps while providing an area that helps keep their nails trimmed. Additionally, the scratching posts help reduce stress while helping the cat to mark their territory with their own unique scent.

Not only are these items beneficial for cats but they can be incredibly useful for pet owners as well. This type of bed scratcher is designed in such a way that it helps to protect furniture from being damaged by your feline friends' claws; giving the furniture more longevity and saving you money in repairs or replacements down the road. On top of that, the scratching posts also provide hours upon hours of entertainment for your furry companion so they can stay occupied in small spaces even when you're away from home!

All things considered, investing in cat bed scratchers really is one of those no-brainer purchases every pet owner should make as soon as possible! It's certainly not often that something comes along with so many advantages without hardly any drawbacks - but thankfully this particular product fits right into this category perfectly!

How do I use a cat bed scratcher?

The key to using a cat bed scratcher effectively is understanding how cats prefer to sleep, scratch, and play.

Cats love beds that give them room to stretch out, so they’ll be more comfortable if the scratcher’s base is wide enough for them to lie down comfortably in it. The scratcher should also have sides that are tall enough for your kitty to fully stretch their feet so they can enjoy a full nap or play session.

Once you've found an appropriate size and shape of bed-scratcher for your cat, show it off! Allow your feline friend some time to explore its new hideaway on their own terms before approaching with treats or toys. Reward her with treats or petting when she uses the bed correctly - this will help “condition” her behaviour towards the scratcher and keep her coming back in the future.

Additionally, be sure to keep your cat's nails trimmed regularly so as not put too much strain on their claws while scratching - if done correctly, scratching won't hurt but rather cleanse and condition their nails at the same time! Place some additional items like soft cushions/blankets inside of the bed in order to encourage more snuggles and naps inside it as well.

Finally: make sure you place your cat's favourite toy near (or even inside!) of their new scratcher-bed; this way she'll always know it's there waiting for her when she feels like playing again!

What are some of the best cat bed scratcher tips and tricks?

Cat bed scratchers might look like simple items, but there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to make sure your kitty gets the most out of them. Here’s a few ideas that should help keep your cat happy and comfy:

1. Choose the right type – Different cats have different preferences for their bed scratchers, so it’s important to cater to your own cat’s specific needs. For example, the natural behavior of some cats prefer horizontal scratching posts while others may prefer vertical scratchers. Make sure you buy something that fits with what kind of scratching surface they like best!

2. Go natural – Natural products tend to work best for cats when it comes to beds and scratchers since they find comfort in things that smell familiar. Try wool-stuffed beds or banana tree leaves as a natural replacement for traditional synthetic materials found in many pet supplies stores

3. Look into cedar wood – Cedar wood is a great material to use as it smells delightful (a favorite among cats) but also has been proven effective at warding off fleas and other pests due in large part due its cedar oil content which acts as an insect repellent over time!

4. Keep bedding clean – As essential as it is make sure you regularly clean your cat’s bedding; this includes both the mattress itself along with any linens or blankets which come on top of it or within the structure of the product itself if applicable(such as an all-in-one cat “house"/scratcher combo). This ensures that odors don't accumulate from one day's lounging session right into another which could startle even more curious members within our feline family!

Overall, these are just a few tips and tricks when looking at getting yourself some awesome cat bed scratcher items! Keep these in mind when shopping around online or at pet stores near you - only then will you be able to ensure optimal satisfaction guaranteed from both parties involved!

What are the best cat scratching posts for my senior cat?

As cats age, they tend to become less active and their claws may not be as strong as they used to be. That’s why it’s important that you get a cat scratching post specifically designed with senior cats in mind.

One great option is Trixie Pet Products' Cat Activity Center Scratching Post & Climbing Tree – this four-tiered activity center is perfect for older cats who have limited energy but still need an outlet for their claws. It has a platform at each level of the tree so your kitty can climb up or rest on top if she tires out mid-climb! The surface area offers plenty of space for scratching while being gentle enough on aging paws thanks to its surface coating of soft suede fabric material. Plus, there are two sisal rope pads located near the base of the tree that are ideal scratch spots too!

Another great product geared towards senior felines is PurrfectPost's Senior Cat Post: this durable pine frame provides ample support and protection should your kitty stumble during her explorations or extra-enthusiastic scratch sessions - something that older cats may find helpful when using a traditional standing scratcher. Additionally, unlike some other posts out there meant for younger kitties, this one comes equipped with sturdy climbing platforms covered with soft yet supportive carpeting that help provide more traction without being too abrasive on sensitive paws. And don't forget about all those fun dangling toys attached along its sides too - perfect entertainment should your new friend have trouble reaching those far away places normally left unexplored!

Would adult cats prefer a multi level cat tree?

Some cats may prefer a multi-level cat tree because of its vertical space and ability to explore different levels, while other cats may prefer an open scratching post or lounge.

That being said, if you’re looking for a way to provide your adult feline with more enrichment and opportunities for playtime, investing in a multi-level cat tree could be beneficial. The increased height will give them access to higher vantage points which they can use as lookout spots or just simply relax in peace high above the household hustle and bustle down below. Multi-level trees also make excellent places bedding areas, providing multiple levels of cosy comfort where they can recline after long days of play (or naps!).

Extra features like multiple baskets or caves offer even more exploration possibilities, while sisal rope posts around the sides allow cats plenty of opportunity scratch away - reducing stress and destroying unwanted furniture at the same time! An elevated platform is another great addition for any senior who needs help reaching higher objects due to age related joint issues – giving them easier access without having to jump too much.

All these factors put together will create an environment that encourages physical activity from your pet through exercise that comes with climbing up ladders/stairs/platforms etc., helping maintain healthy bodyweight as well as mental activities once inside active playhouses/caves integrated into the design . With all these exciting options waiting for them when they jump atop their own little towers at home—why wouldn’t most adult cats enjoy having one?

Do some cats tend to be aggressive scratchers?

It depends on a variety of factors. While it is true that some cats are more prone to scratching than others, the severity of this behavior can be largely attributed to how they were socialized and trained as kittens. It's important to note that this type of behavior is inherent in all cats, regardless of breed or age; however, there are steps you can take throughout their lifetime that will reduce its intensity.

First, it is essential to provide your cat with appropriate outlets for their natural instinctual behaviors. This could include providing scratching posts, objects they can play with and chase around (i.e., toy mice), and opportunities for exploratory digging or climbing - especially if they're indoor cats! At the same time, it's also important to make sure any furniture or décor in your home isn't too tempting for them so as not to further encourage destructive behaviors such as clawing and chewing.

You'll also want to start training from the very moment you bring them home - even though kittens may still seem too young at 6-8 weeks old when most experts suggest bringing them into a household! Early socialization will help ensure your cat develops proper cognitive skills needed for learning acceptable behaviors along with developing a strong bond between you two over time. Use positive reinforcement techniques like treats and verbal praise whenever they behave well which will create better results than scolding them when displaying bad habits like scratching excessively would otherwise yield down the road (it's been proven!). Finally, don’t forget consistency - whether you're teaching new things or prepping existing protocols such as meal times - since this helps build up trust between human and feline alike plus reinforces good manners too!

In conclusion: yes, some do tend towards being aggressive scratchers; but with proper care and dedication towards training early on combined with careful consideration regarding how their environment is set up and stimuli provided therein then these tendencies should be greatly reduced if not eliminated altogether!

Are cat scratchers good for my kitty's claws?

Absolutely! Cat scratchers are an invaluable tool for maintaining the health of your kitty's claws. Not only do scratching posts help keep their nails trimmed, but they also provide a fun activity and sense of satisfaction that helps cats feel relaxed and comfortable in their environment. Cats instinctively scratch surfaces to remove the outer husk from their claws and to make it easier for them to retract them back into their paw pads. Cat scratching posts allow this behavior while discouraging damaging marks on furniture or carpets.

When selecting a scratcher, look for one that is tall enough so your cat can extend its body fully when reaching up-right onto its post, as well as durable construction and sturdy enough not to wobble or topple over with enthusiastic use. Posts should be covered in rough materials like carpeting, rope or sisal as these will more effectively file down the claw surface than softer materials like felt or smooth wood-piles. Additionally, if you are purchasing multiple posts for multi cat households try opting for different shapes and sizes so they each have something unique to explore!

To maximize benefit from scratchers ensure they're placed near favored lounging small spaces/spots around the house - this way our feline friends feel secure and encouraged when using them - additionally consider sprinkling some extra-enticing catnip onto the post once every few weeks (natural unflavored varieties are available at most pet stores!) A treat occasionally hidden inside can also help encourage use of your new feature periodically throughout its lifetime! Last but not least: always praise good behavior; reward your furry companion whenever they focus energy towards gnawing away at their designated post rather than elsewhere around the home 🐱

What is the best cat scratching post for larger cats?

If you have a larger cat, then it's important to find a well-made and sturdy cat scratching post that will last for years. It should not be too tall or short, as this can cause discomfort to your pet. To make sure the post can hold up against your feline friend's claws, look for one made from solid wood or cardboard wrapped in sisal rope or faux fur—these materials provide an ideal consistency and texture that your cat will love.

Once you've chosen the right material and size of your scratching post, consider adding a few extra elements such as dangling toys, perches to climb on, and cushions to curl up in—this way you'll give your kitty something fun to do while they satisfy their urge to scratch! The best posts are those with multiple levels so cats are able to use different parts of their bodies as they move around. Also look out for scratch posts designed specifically for large cats which provides more stability (especially when compared against flimsy smaller posts).

Finally, it's important that all large scratching posts provide enough space and stability for the cat so choose ones with wide base plates. Additionally, make sure the post is placed securely; otherwise it might wobble after frequent use which could put off your poor pet from using it! With these tips in mind I'm sure you'll find the perfect cat scratching post that both you and your furry four-legged companion will love!

Do bigger cats prefer wall mounted scratchers?

Bigger cats may prefer a wall-mounted scratcher, as it offers them the stability they need while they climb, scratch and perch. As well as providing stability, this type of scratcher also allows for more vertical space which is an essential part of most larger cats' exercise routines.

Bigger cats have much bigger claws than their smaller counterparts which can make them prone to dulling their nails if they use traditional horizontal scratching posts or mats. Wall mounted options provide a great alternative because the perpendicular angle ensures that their claws remain sharpened and healthy. Some wall mounted models are equipped with platforms made from sisal material for more intense scratching sessions; these are ideal for large cats such as Maine Coons and Savannahs who need extra stimulation in order to keep themselves entertained.

The main benefit of using a wall-mounted scratcher is that it provides big cats with additional climbing surfaces so that they can stretch out fully without having to risk jumping from higher places where there's potential danger like falling off furniture or onto hard floors – something that could lead to serious injury if not handled properly! Plus, the fact that these types of cat trees are attached firmly to walls means your furry friend won't be able to knock them over easily when playing around intensively - offering peace of mind knowing your kitty is safe!

Best Cat Bed Scratcher!

If you’re still on the hunt for the best cat bed scratcher, we hope our picks helped you find the perfect one for your furry friend.

We’ve spent dozens of hours reading over thousands of reviews to help you find the best cat bed scratcher for cats on the market today.

Cats can be finicky creatures, so it’s important to find a scratcher that they love and will use.

Tapping on the links will take you directly to Amazon where you can check the price and read more reviews from other customers.

Happy Shopping!!

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