Has your cat been hitch-hiking in the back of your car and leaving a trail of litter?

Is your feline friend getting restless on long trips? We have the solution with our Litter Boxes for Cat Carriers!

Let’s get your kitty comfortable on those travels by providing them with an easy to clean, no mess litter box. It's simple - just fill it up, close the lid and you’re ready to hit the road.

With their own little home away from home, cats love having a designated area to go when they need it.

Plus, if you're visiting friends or family out of town, there will be less anxiety for both you and your cat knowing that their home comforts are there for whenever needed.

No more stress about hygiene too - these boxes are easily cleaned so rest assured everything is neat and tidy everywhere you go!

We hope you find everything you need and more from the picks we’ve shared! Each product was independently selected by our editors. Also, PawsPicks may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to purchase something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Enjoy finding all you need and more!

Introducing Necoichi — the perfect solution for when you need a cat-friendly space in your home but don't want to buy full-time furniture. Moving? Traveling? Got guests over?

No problem! Necoichi has got you covered with its convenient and oh-so kawaii cage and litter box set.

It comes with a cozy fleece mat, so wherever they go they can stay comfy and cute.

Plus, the frame is lightweight and easy to assemble, so moving your furry friend won’t necessarily mean you have to break a sweat.

And if that isn’t already exciting enough, cleanup time is way easier since the litter box fits inside the frame.

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Keep your kitty comfortable and stylish on the go with this cage.

With two mesh panels for breathability and visibility, you can rest assured that your fur baby will be in total comfort.

Plus a seamless and durable waterproof liner means easy cleaning with no chance of pesky leaks!

And to make it even more convenient, the travel litter box folds down and snapped shut when you’re ready to take off on your next adventure together!

Are you looking for the ultimate home away from home for your furry friend? Give them a life of luxury with Pet Fit For Life!

This amazing cat bed/condo will provide your cat with all the comforts they can want and more.

With two great windows which offer plenty of ventilation and unzip-able flaps that secure with velcro, you'll be able to give your cat the beautiful views they deserve to go along with their comfy new abode.

The washable, soft velour bed pad inside will ensure your cat's snooze sessions are extra comfortable.

If that wasn't enough, their temporary home also comes complete with a collapsible, lined litter box so they never have to leave their comfort zone!

And if you'd like to take things outside, no problem - just use the integrated loops for staking and securing outdoors.

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This ultra-cozy cat condo/cat bed is a must-have for any feline friend - spacious and comfortable both inside and out.

Your kitties can relax and blissfully nap on its velvet covered floor pad, though there's still plenty of room for you to add your cat’s favorite bed or two for when all his friends come over.

Plus, the collapsible litter box gives your cats privacy when needed; not only that, this full-package deal is perfect for maximum comfort and utility whether you’re home or on the road!

Introducing the Coopeter – the one and only modern litter box that’s designed to keep your cat feeling right at home!

This ultra-durable and spacious litter box features a generous 9-inch skylight, an open side door, plus a convenient pull-out litter box system to make scooping poop a breeze.

With two separate pockets, you can easily store your cat’s toys, food bowls, cleaning accessories and more!

Plus, we know how heavy those bags of litter can get – so we made sure the Coopeter was constructed using strong materials with an equally strong handle for when you want to take it for a spin around the house.

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The waterproof and easy-to-clean design of this box is ideal. It’s made of 600D Oxford material, lined with PVC, and has a sealable and leak-proof lid to ensure absolutely no odors or messes escape.

And what’s even better? This spacious (17.7”X11”x11”) box gives your furry friend plenty of room to do their business in private.

Let’s face it, sometimes our furry friends can be a bit of a hassle to bring with us when we travel.

This ultra-light and flexible carrier can be tucked away easily into your luggage, so no matter if you’re hopping on a plane, train or automobile, Petsfit has got your pet covered.

And don’t worry about getting lost in transit– you won’t have to try and search for your poor pup at baggage claim!

So whether it's a fun road trip or an extended stay somewhere new, make sure you take along Petsfit so you and your furry friend can explore together with ease.

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If you're a pet parent, then having the right litter box is essential!

Cleaning up your kitty's mess shouldn't make a mess itself. With the folding litter box, it makes keeping your home nose-friendly that much easier!

The waterproof fabric at the bottom is removable and machine washable with a D-shaped buckle on the side for easy organization.

The top can be hand-held so it's extremely easy to move and with it being flat packed, setting up couldn't be quicker.

So when you have those unwelcome visitors in for tea, you can quickly scoop up your kitty's latest artwork before they enter with no one being the wiser.

Introducing Flaruziy: the litter box your kitty and you have both been dreaming of! They’ve taken innovative product design to a whole other level with their fully sealed design that prevents any leakage of cat litter or cat urine.

Its 13 liter base capacity means more space for your kitty’s business, and our suggestion is around 6 liters of litter should do the trick - beats having to constantly refilling, right? And it goes without saying that this amazing box is suitable for any type of litter you like.

The double odor barrier system makes sure no strong smells escape the box and torture your nostrils.

To add an extra layer of protection, you get 5 odor removal charcoal packs that take out any remaining odors - could there be a better way to keep your home smelling sweet as ever?

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This litter box is absolutely perfect for medium-to-large cats (or those who just love their space) with its whooping 22*17.7*15.7 inch dimensions.

Plus, your kitty won't have to worry about where to hide her litter shovel or garbage bags; this special litter tray comes with a hidden storage space built right in for all the things she needs - making cleaning up after her more efficient and way more convenient!

This foldable and portable litter box is designed to make life easy for cats both big and small.

Plus, it’s specially designed for cats of all ages – a lid lock on the front door allows young kittens an easy entrance and older cats exiting out of the top door to jump freely.

No more mess, no more fuss – put LOOBANI’s portability to test wherever you and your furry friend go!

Don’t worry about size either, as this large-sized litter box can hold kitties up to 15lbs.

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The latest and greatest in litter box design technologies has arrived - the EASY TO CLEAN DESIGN!

With a light-foot pressure panel at the base, and a sloping platform at the top, this designer product offers maximum cleanliness with minimal effort.

No more of that unpleasant surprise of a litter trail all around your living room - The discerning cat owner will appreciate its thoughtful design.

But if that isn't enough yet, the package includes so much more than just the box: A litter scoop, mat, cleaning brush, hooks and non-slip pads all make sure you'll have everything you need for purrrfect peace of mind that your furry friend has got her own little corner of luxury!

You don’t have to worry about your pet causing a ruckus in the back seat anymore – it’s securely strapped into the front seat with anchors and shoulder straps.

Your pup can still see out of the window, but it’s now perfectly safe for both of you!

We all know how convenient it is for humans to eat food, drink water, and even use loo during long car trips... well now it's just as easy for our four-legged pals too!

Petskd comes complete with a collapsible water bowl, so your pet won't be thirsty no matter how far you drive.

And don't even worry about where to put their “business” – we got a classy litter box that’s perfect for any pawpular destination.

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Give your furry pal the 5-star treatment they deserve with a cat travel carrier bag that won't collapse under their (literal) weight or give them the chance to slip away during your journey!

The upgraded design features stainless steel and Fiber rods for enhanced stability, and our adjustable rope buckle will lock them in nice and tight.

They've also chosen Lock Zippers made of durable polyester fabric - so even if your kitty has some sneaky claws, it'll be almost impossible for them to wriggle away!

Plus the material is both waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Litter Box For Cat Carriers FAQs

You're considering getting a litter box for your cat carrier, but you have some questions.

It's totally normal to have questions about something as big as getting a litter box for your cat carrier. After all, this is a decision that will impact both you and your furry friend.

We've put together this FAQ section to answer all of your questions about litter boxes for cat carriers. By reading through it, you'll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not this is the right choice for you and your kitty.

How often should I change my cat's litter box?

If you own a cat, odds are that you're intimately familiar with cleaning their litter box—it's one of the less fun but essential duties.

But, if you do it too often, it can actually be bad for your beloved feline companion!

So, how often should you change your cat's litter box?

Well, some cats like to do their business multiple times a day while others may only use it once or twice.

That means that just like us humans who don't always need to hit the restroom at the same time every day, cats and their litter boxes don't need to be changed daily either.

In general, experts recommend changing your kitty’s litter box every two weeks (at least).

Of course, if your kitty is particularly messy or tends to hang out in its litter box after they've done their business then more frequent cleanings might be necessary.

And if any unpleasant odours start developing before two weeks have passed? Well… time for a fresh scoop!

What type of litter should I use in my cat's litter box?

For starters, let's take care of convenience. The most convenient kinds are typically those that clump when pee or poo hits them (like clay-based litters).

This makes for easy cleaning as you just need to scoop up the clumps and replace with fresh litter every so often – no major clean-out required!

Now if you're really looking for some added ease then there's always the automatic self-scooping kind (because who doesn't love letting someone else do their dirty work?).

It's also important to check on safety when picking a litter for your feline friend. After all, we want our furry family members to stay safe and healthy!

So if you're going with any kind other than natural woodchips or grasses like wheat or corn then make sure it doesn't contain synthetic materials or fragrances– these chemicals are not only potentially harmful but they could irritate your kitty's sensitive sniffer too.

Additionally, try avoiding litters made from nonrenewable resources like silica since they may contain sharp particles that can injure paws and noses.

Finally – effectiveness is key too! While wooden pellet types last longer because they don’t get soggy easily, hybrids such as those comprised mostly of recycled paper generally have superior odor control capabilities; plus they’re biodegradable so they won't bother Mother Nature either!

All in all though whichever type you choose just make sure it has large enough granules so your fur baby can easily cover its business after each visit as cats prefer privacy for personal matters like this!

How do I know if my cat's litter box is the right size?

If there's one thing cats know, it's how to judge their own living quarters. And that applies to their litter box too.

The best way to determine if your cat's litter box is the right size is by asking them! Of course, for those not versed in feline dialogue, this can be tricky.

Fortunately, you can gauge your cat's reaction to its new litter space with a few simple tests.

If your cat seems comfortable and content in the area - purring or napping nearby - then it likely likes the size of its habitat.

If during elimination time it squats down and does its business without hesitation or any awkward stretching positions? Boom! You've nailed the perfect box size for your kitty companion.

What if my cat doesn't like the litter I've chosen?

Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes cats just have a mind of their own - and that includes when it comes to litter boxes.

If your cat isn't happy with the litter you've chosen, try giving them some options! Place a few different types of litter in separate containers and let your kitty choose which one they prefer.

Chances are, they'll find something that feels more comfortable for them and then you can stick with that type from there on out.

And if that doesn't work? Get creative! Maybe put some soft cushions around the perimeter of the box or introduce new toys like feather catnip mice inside the litter pan for kitty entertainment while he's taking care of business.

Or maybe even play music in their room while doing their business - research shows cats can actually appreciate certain genres like classical, blues & jazz (just don't go too hard or they might be scared off).

How can I make sure my cat's litter box is always clean?

Ah, the age-old question that haunts cat owners everywhere! Cleaning a litter box is never fun, but there are some easy tips and tricks to make sure your kitty companion’s litter box doesn't get too out of control.

First, scoop it regularly. This seems like an obvious one, but sometimes we can forget! Try setting yourself reminders or making a schedule so you don't forget to clean the litter box daily.

Second, find a suitable brand of cat litter for your furry friend's needs. There are many out there—just do a little research on what would work best for your kitty and their curious instincts (e.g., if they're prone to digging around in the clutter).

Once you find the right kind for them, stick with it—this will help keep odors away and reduce messes from tracking outside of the box when they're done doing their business.

Finally - and this one is particularly important - use odor eliminating products once in awhile to keep things extra fresh smelling!

Try sprinkling some baking soda into the bottom of the litter tray before adding new clumping cat litter each time you change it; not only will this help absorb smells quickly, but it might even make your feline friend feel more comfortable enough to do its business inside instead of outside by any means necessary (as cats have been known to do).

Plus having something fresh smelling always makes anyone feel better—even cats!

What are some common litter box problems?

Ah, the dreaded litter box problems – the bane of many cats and their owners’ existences! While this list is far from exhaustive, here are some of the most common litter box issues that you may encounter:

1. Your kitty isn't using her cat litter box at all - This happens a lot with cats who have been recently adopted or rescued. The new environment can be intimidating, so they hide in a corner and avoid using their litter boxes. You can help them adjust by offering them treats to encourage them to come out of their shell and take advantage of their fancy new digs!

2. Your cat won't use a covered litter box - So many people opt for covered boxes because they think it's better for odor control, but unfortunately these usually aren't as popular with felines. Cats tend to prefer an open area where they can easily keep an eye on anything coming near them while doing their business – it makes sense as prey animals!

3. Litter tracking everywhere - This is probably one of the most common problems due to poor box design or cheap litters that don't clump very well. Investing in higher quality litters will certainly help reduce this issue dramatically (and you'll thank yourself later!). Additionally, make sure your cat's paws are getting properly cleaned after she leaves the litter area so there aren't little bits tracked throughout your house afterwards...it's like trying to sweep up confetti!

4. Kitty pooping outside his box - Unsprayed males tend to spray around corners and furniture in order to mark territory (yuck!), but if you've got a female we're looking at potential medical issues such as bladder infections or feline interstitial cystitis; both would warrant a vet visit ASAP!!

Keep track of what time he goes outside his box too; if he always seems nervous right before first thing in the morning then there could be stress-related causes leading him astray – scooping his poops and leaving something tasty behind might just be enough encouragement needed for him get back into good habits again :-)

How can I solve a litter box problem?

If you are struggling with a litter box problem, then I may have just the solution for you! The answer is simple: just install an automatic cat toilet system!

That's right - these amazing inventions use sensors to detect when your furry companion needs to do their business and provide them with clean, fresh litter every time.

Plus, there's no more scooping or dealing with smelly messes; it's all taken care of automatically!

But before you jump in and invest in one of these nifty gadgets, let me first give you some tips on how to get your kitty used to it.

First of all, make sure the system is large enough for your pet – they should be able to move around comfortably.

Secondly, provide plenty of reward-based encouragement during the training period; replace old litter box habits with positive ones using treats and toys (or whatever else works for your cat!).

Lastly – and this is probably the most important part – be patient! It may take some time until your kitty catches on but eventually they will understand that this new contraption is here to help them out.

Good luck tackling that pesky litter box problem - I hope this has been useful!

Does a soft carrier come with a flexible steel frame?

Depending on the specific brand and model of carrier you're looking at, a soft carrier may either come with a flexible steel frame or not.

Some popular brands that offer models featuring an adjustable steel frame include BabyBjörn, Ergobaby, LILLEbaby, and Boba.

These frames are typically lightweight yet sturdy enough to provide substantial support while carrying your little one - whether they're in the front or back carry position.

For those who prefer a lightweight option without the added bulk of a metal frame, there are excellent soft carriers that don't feature a steel core such as the Hotslings Original Pocket Sling and Infantino Go G3.

Both of these are designed with breathable mesh fabric that forms comfortably around both big kid backsides and cuddly newborns!

Do you need two separate carriers for larger cats?

Absolutely not!

Always measure the size of your cats before buying a large carrier.

If the measurements match up with an extra-large carrier, then go ahead and buy it – that way you won't have to bother with lugging around two carriers.

Although I must admit, after witnessing my cats fight against each other in a single giant cat-carrier multiple times, perhaps having separate carriers isn’t such a bad idea after all!

Should I use disposable litter in a disposable litter box?

No, you should not. While it may seem like a convenient solution for cat owners on the go, using disposable litter could cause several potential problems.

First and foremost, as it's made from paper rather than clay or sand-based products, it can't handle much liquid waste before becoming soggy and smelly.

This means that besides more frequent changes of the soiled material, your feline companion will likely give off an unpleasant odor!

The paper used to make most types of disposable litters can often be quite abrasive to cats' feet - making it uncomfortable and potentially painful if they come into contact with the material.

Not only that but because many of these litters are made from plant-based sources such as straws or corncobs, they can contain bacteria which is hazardous to our furry friends; something that also applies to clumping litters too!

Are travel litter boxes the same as a portable cat litter box?

Yes, travel litter boxes are the same as a portable litter box. But let me tell you, they can also double as a time machine!

Instead of needing to bring along an entire car carrier for your feline friend, now all you need is this nifty little box that fits everything from dirt and gravel to catnip and treats.

And if your little traveler has any special needs like dealing with motion sickness, there are even specially designed models that come complete with absorbent padding.

Plus, they’re so much easier to clean up after than traditional litter boxes. Just scoop them out like normal and then give them a quick rinse before packing them away again until the next furry adventure awaits!

Do cat car carriers have a separate litter tray?

Of course they do! Have you ever heard of a cat carrier without its own litter box included? That would be like having a purse without pockets – what's the point?

The best cat carrier with good quality comes with one, or even two, built-in trays.

These are usually positioned at either end and offer little kitty the perfect spot to go when nature calls.

They don't just make life easier for your furry friend – they also keep their odors from wafting out into the car and making it smell like an animal shelter!

Here's a summary of our picks:

Necoichi Portable Stress Free Cage Carrier and Litter Box

Pet Fit For Life Portable Cat Cage

CoopeterPortable Litter Box Black,2 In 1

Petsfit Travel Litter Box


LOOBANI Foldable Litter Box with Lid

Petskd Pet Carrier for Large Cats 30 lbs+

Best Litter Boxes for Cat Carriers!

In conclusion, we know how important it is to find the perfect litter box for your beloved cat and their carrier.

The options are endless and selecting one can be tricky so we hope our shortlist of the Best Litter Boxes for Cat Carriers has made the decision easier.

Just remember that this list is only a suggestion, and ultimately you will have to decide which one works best for you and your beloved companion.

Don't wait up – tap the links to check the price on Amazon and get your kitty’s new home in no time!

Happy Shopping!!

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