Dirty ears can be a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast, which can lead to infection and other health problems.

That's why it's important to have a good supply of dog ear wipes on hand.

In this article, we will discuss the 6 best dog ear wipes available on the market today.

We'll also provide a buying guide to help you choose the right product for your needs.

Keep your pet's ears clean and healthy with one of these top-rated dog ear wipes!

We hope you find everything you need and more from our product picks! All of the products were independently selected by our editors, and PawsPicks may receive a share of sales or other compensation if you purchase something through one of the links (this is how we stay in business). Some of the products may have been sent to us as samples so that we may tinker around with them ourselves, but all opinions in this article are our own. Thanks for shopping with us, and we hope you enjoy finding everything you need and more!

How We Choose The Best Dog Ear Wipes!

It's no secret that dogs are prone to ear infections.

Not only are they uncomfortable and painful, but they can also be pretty smelly.

We've done the research so you don't have to.

These top-rated ear wipes are gentle enough for everyday use and will help keep your pup's ears clean and healthy.

Ear Relief Finger Wipes

Vet’s Best

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Reasons We Love It

These single-use finger wipes gently and effectively remove dirt and dissolve wax build-up.

Regular use of the wipes will help to safely & gently remove the wax build-up and discharge that can cause odor.

Plus, they're alcohol-free, so you don't have to worry about them drying out your dog's delicate ears. Simply wipe away the dirt and grime.

Things You Should Know

These Ear Cleaning Wipes are free from Parabens and made with all-natural ingredients like Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil. Plus, they're easy to use.

Just rub the accessible portion of your dog's ears with a wipe until they are free of visible wax or build-up. Use 1-2 times weekly on a routine basis to maintain clean ears.

Antiseptic Wipes


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Reasons We Love It

If you're looking for an ear cleanser that will leave your pet's ears smelling fresh and clean, look no further than Curaseb!

This unique formula quickly and effectively treats and cleans ear flaps and crevices of sticky discharge, unwanted foreign visitors, and smelly ear wax, dirt, and biofilms.

Just a few drops of Curaseb in your pet's floppy ears will leave behind a pleasant cucumber melon fresh scent that will have them looking and feeling their best.

Things You Should Know

The antiseptic dog wipes are made in the USA and manufactured in a federally regulated facility in small batches for quality and safety.

And when used in conjunction with Curaseb ear flush, they can help treat an active ear infection within the ear canals.

But it's important to note that wipes alone are not enough to effectively treat an ear infection.

That's why Curaseb's no sting veterinary strength formula is so important.

It helps to kill the bacteria that cause an ear infection, while also providing relief from pain and itchy ears.

Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes

Pet MD

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Reasons We Love It

This gentle and safe formulation is designed for regular use to prevent an ear infection, reduce wax buildup, and remove debris in and around the ear.

Pet MD is perfect for all kinds of pets, from cats and dogs to rabbits and ferrets.

Not only does it work great, but it's also affordable so you can keep your pet's ears healthy and clean without breaking the bank.

Things You Should Know

These wipes are made in the USA in federally regulated manufacturing facilities to ensure quality and safety. They are 100% alcohol free, soothing and non-irritating.

Plus, they are convenient and disposable for your convenience.

The wipes help reduce foul ear odor and prevent an ear infection to keep your dog happy and healthy without medication.

For dogs over 12 weeks old, these wipes are a great way to keep their ears clean and free of dirt, debris and wax build-up.

Anti-Itch Wipes

Fitter Critter

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Reasons We Love It

These small, round wipes are perfect for getting into those hard-to-reach places, like face folds, finger folds, and underarm and groin areas.

Plus, they're anti-itch, so you can rest assured that your pup will be comfortable and free of irritation.

Things You Should Know

The key ingredients - chlorhexidine and ketoconazole - work together to target itchy ears and irritation, while the addition of aloe vera and vitamin E help to soothe and nourish the skin.

These wipes are also proudly manufactured in the USA, so you can be confident in their quality.

Whether your dog is dealing with a minor skin condition or chronic itchiness, these wipes can provide much-needed relief.

Plus, they're easy to use - simply wipe the affected area as needed.

With regular use, you may notice a decrease in your dog's scratching and an improvement in their overall skin health.

Ear Wipes W/Witch Hazel & Chamomile


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Reasons We Love It

Earthbath Ear Wipes are safe for all animals over 6 weeks old, and will not remove spot-on flea control products.

Made with witch hazel, a natural astringent, these wipes are perfect for preventing infections and odors.

Simply wipe around the inside of your pet's ear to keep their ears healthy and clean.

Things You Should Know

These soft wipes are natural ear cleanser and astringent, plus a sumptuous mix of nature's finest plant extracts with gentle deodorizing.

This product is free of soap, gluten, DEA, parabens, synthetic dyes, sulfates, or phthalates. It is also animal cruelty free.

These wipes are safe for all skin types and are ideal for use on sensitive skin.

They are also hypoallergenic and non-irritating. To use, simply wipe the ear area as needed. Discard after use. For external use only.

Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a doctor. These wipes are proudly made in the USA.

Otic Cleaning Wipes


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Reasons We Love It

These small round dog wipes make it easy to cleanse those hard to reach places, and are perfect for getting rid of any itchiness or irritation.

Made with natural ingredients, these wipes are safe and gentle on your pet's skin.

Things You Should Know

These anti-itch wipes are perfect for any pooch.

The key ingredients work together to manage topical skin conditions that are responsive to chlorhexidine and ketoconazole.

Plus, the aloe vera, essential fatty acids and vitamin E work together to nourish the skin while cleansing affected areas.

And you'll be proud to know that these wipes are manufactured right here in the USA!

Dog Ear Wipes FAQs

Dog owners know that cleaning their dog's ears is an important part of taking care of them, but they may not know how to do it properly or what products to use.

Cleaning your dog's ears can be a daunting task, especially if you're not sure how to do it correctly or which products to use.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about dog ear wipes so that you can learn everything you need to know before starting this process.

Are dog ear wipes safe?

Yes, dog ear wipes are safe, providing they are specifically made for dogs and not cats. Cat ear wipes can contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs.

Dog ear wipes can help keep your dog's ears clean and healthy by removing wax and debris, and they can also help to fight off infection. It's important to choose a wipe that is gentle enough for your dog's skin, so make sure to read the label before purchasing.

Happy wiping!

Do dog ear wipes work?

Yes, dog ear wipes work. They are a great way to clean your dog's ears and remove any build-up of wax or dirt.

Just be sure to use a wipe that is specifically designed for dogs, as human wipes can be harmful if used on dogs. And never insert anything into your dog's ear canal unless you are specifically instructed to do so by your veterinarian.

How to use dog ear wipes?

Dog ear wipes can be used to clean your dog's ears. Just wet the wipe, and then use it to clean the inside of your dog's ear. Be sure to get all the wax and dirt out. You can also use a dog ear cleaner if you want to give your dog's ears a more thorough cleaning.

Are ear wipes good for dogs?

Yes! ear wipes are a great way to keep your dog's ears clean and healthy. They help remove built-up wax and debris, and can help prevent infections.

Make sure to use a gentle, fragrance-free formula that is specifically designed for dogs. You can find ear wipes at most pet stores, or online. Be sure to follow the directions on the package, and consult with your veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns.

Can you use baby wipes on dogs' ears?

You can use baby wipes on dogs' ears, but they can also be a little harsh. It's better to use a gentle ear cleaner specifically made for dogs.

Ears are a common place for infection in dogs, so it's important to keep them clean. Baby wipes will do the job, but they might not be as effective as a dog-specific ear cleaner.

If your dog has a lot of buildup or wax in his ears, you might need to use something stronger than baby wipes. Talk to your vet if you're unsure about how to clean your dog's ears properly.

Are dog ear wipes better than drops?

It depends on what's wrong with your dog's ears. If your dog has a lot of wax and gunk built up in his ears, then wipes might be a better option because they can help remove the excess wax and dirt. But if your dog has an infection or other problem with his ears, then drops might be a better option because they can help treat the infection or problem.

Either way, it's important to keep your dog's ears clean and dry, so make sure to wipe them down or give them a bath regularly, and also make sure to let them air out as often as possible.

How often should I wipe my dog's ears?

It's best to wipe your dog's ears once a week. If your dog has a lot of hair inside his ear canal, you may need to do it more often. Use a damp cloth and gently wipe the inside of the ear flap. Don't use Q-tips because you might damage the ear drum.

Are dog ear wipes necessary?

Dog ear wipes are not necessary, but they can be useful for keeping your dog's ears clean and preventing infection. Dogs often get dirt and debris in their ears, and this can cause odor, inflammation, and infection. Wiping your dog's ears with a gentle cleanser can help remove the built-up dirt and debris, and it can also help reduce the risk of infection.

What's better ear cleaning wipes or ear cleaning solution for dogs?

Ear cleaning wipes are better for dogs.

Ear cleaning wipes are a great way to clean your dog's ears without using harsh chemicals or having to purchase and mix a solution yourself. They're perfect for on-the-go, and they make it easy to keep your dog's ears clean and healthy. Plus, they smell nice!

What causes brown gunk in dog's ears?

There can be a number of different causes for brown gunk in a dog's ears, such as wax buildup, infection, or even cancer. If you're seeing this brown gunk in your dog's ears, it's important to take him to the vet for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

How do I know if my dog has ear mites?

There are a few ways to tell if your dog has ear mites. One way is to look for black specs or waxy build-up in your dog's ears; these are both signs of an infestation. You can also take a closer look at your dog's ears with a flashlight to see if you can spot the mites themselves; they'll look like tiny dark specks moving around inside the ear canals. Finally, you can have your vet check for ear mites by performing an ear swab test.

Can I use hydrogen peroxide to clean my dog's ears?

You can use hydrogen peroxide to clean your dog's ears, but you should check with your vet to make sure that it is the right solution for your dog's specific needs.

Hydrogen peroxide is a safe and effective way to clean your dog's ears, but it's important to make sure that you don't use too much or too little. If you use too much hydrogen peroxide, it can cause irritation and excessive drying. If you use too little hydrogen peroxide, it may not be effective in cleaning the ears.

So before using hydrogen peroxide to clean your dog's ears, be sure to consult with your vet about the best solution for your pet.

What are the best dog ear cleaners for sensitive ears?

There are a few different things you can do to clean your dog's ears:

- Use a cotton ball or cloth dipped in warm water with a small amount of mild soap. Gently wipe the inside of your dog's ear, making sure to get all the dirt and wax off. Be careful not to go too deep into the ear canal, as this can cause pain and damage.

- You can also use an over the counter ear cleaner specifically designed for dogs. Just be sure to read the instructions carefully and follow them closely, as these cleaners can be harmful if used incorrectly.

- Finally, you can take your dog to the vet for a professional clean up. This is generally done with special instruments.

Would it be better to use a natural ear cleaner for mild bacterial infections?

There are a few different types of ear cleaners that are available on the market, but most of them contain harsh chemicals that can actually make the infection worse.

 For mild bacterial infections, using a natural ear cleaner like apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide can be a safe and effective way to clean the ears and get rid of the bacteria. Just be sure to follow up with a topical antibiotic ointment if the infection doesn't clear up after a few days.

Best Dog Ear Wipes!

Fido’s ears are important, so you want to make sure they stay clean and healthy.

We hope our list of the best dog ear wipes based on Amazon reviews helps you find the perfect one for your furry friend.

We’ve spent dozens of hours reading over thousands of reviews to help you find the best dog ear wipes on the market today. Check out our top pick now!

Happy Shopping!!

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