Are you looking for the best toy for your blind dog?

Blind dogs can have just as much fun as any other dog. In fact, they may even enjoy toys more than their sighted counterparts! Why is that?

Well, it comes down to their sense of smell and hearing. Toys that make noise or produce a scent are particularly appealing to blind dogs.

In this blog post, we will discuss the 5 best toys for your blind dog-and why they love them! We hope this information helps you provide your beloved pet with hours of enjoyment.

How We Choose For You

It can be hard to find the right toy for a blind dog, as they can't rely on their sense of sight to play with it.

All dogs need toys to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated, but this is especially important for blind dogs who can't use their eyesight to figure out what a toy is.

We have read over thousands of comments and reviews on Amazon to find you the best blind dog toys. Our list includes interactive toys, squeaky toys and chew toys that will keep your furry friend entertained for hours on end.

We hope you find everything you need and more from our product picks! All of the products were independently selected by our editors, and PawsPicks may receive a share of sales or other compensation if you purchase something through one of the links (this is how we stay in business). Some of the products may have been sent to us as samples so that we may tinker around with them ourselves, but all opinions in this article are our own. Thanks for shopping with us, and we hope you enjoy finding everything you need and more!

Dog Snuffle Ball


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Reasons We Love It

This unique design encourages your dog to use their innate scent-driven skills to sniff out small snacks or toys hidden in its durable rubber surface. Dogs need challenges and stimulation to avoid boredom, leaving destructive behavior behind.

That’s why the Ablechien is a great choice for dogs of all sizes, providing great entertainment and stress release for your pet. The Ablechien’s smell engrossing features make it irresistibly appealing to even the most finicky canine companions - giving you one less worry as a pet owner.

You can also easily refill the container with any treats you choose, so you can adjust the difficulty level of playtime just like with real-life hide and seek games.

Things You Should Know

Polar fleece blind dog toys are an excellent choice for your canine pal! They’re amazingly soft and durable, so you can trust that your furry friend is safe with these toys.

Furthermore, they are made from high quality non toxic materials and also completely odorless. Cleaning dog toys could be a hassle but luckily they are machine washable and dryer safe – just put it in the washer or opt to hand wash it.

Keep in mind though that these toys are more suitable for small to medium size dogs since no toy is ever indestructible, thus remember to always supervise your pup when playing to prevent them from damaging or destroying it.

Interactive Dog Toy

Wobble Wag Giggle

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Reasons We Love It

Make playtime with your pup even more fun with Wobble Wag Giggle, a great ball for dogs of all shapes and sizes! This great toy is designed to provide hours of entertainment for both you and your furry friend.

With its 4 clutch pockets, it’s the perfect size for them to pick up during high-energy play moments. This toy was made with big or small dogs in mind – which means that any pup can join in on the fun! Keep them active, engaged, and most importantly entertained as they spend time outside or indoors while playing with Wobble Wag Giggle.

The best part? Watching your pet smile or laugh at the sounds this awesome ball makes when being rolled around! Get ready for some serious tail-wagging smiles from your beloved family member.

Things You Should Know

Fido will be entertained and active with the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball! It offers a fun, battery-free toy that's perfect for indoor or outdoor play. The ball is shaped to grab your pup's attention and engages them with its giggling sounds when it's rolled or shaken.

It encourages exercise, stimulating natural curiosity and helping your canine friend stay healthy and fit! Now you can enjoy worry-free playtime for your beloved pup - no need to change batteries every other week!

Interactive Dog Toy Ball That Bounces and Laughs

Bark N Bounce

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Reasons We Love It

The perfect interactive toy to entertain most blind dogs when you’re away. This unique ball makes funny human-like sounds that are perfectly tuned to pique any pup's attention.

Whether you have an active or a more sedentary pup, this intelligent toy adjusts to their energy and encourages them to play safely for hours on end.

So much more than just a ball, this doggy gem is designed with your pup in mind. It gets their attentiveness correctly, provoking their instinct to chase without the fear of it getting away from them. And if your pup gets distracted easily, no problem!

The built-in sensors will quickly detect the lack of motion and repeat the same sound again and again, encouraging your pup back to playing mode with its truly unbelievable sound effect!

Things You Should Know

The Large measures 6.5” is the perfect size for dogs of 30 lbs or more. This ball is quite sizable, being 4 times bigger than the small. Made of a unique pet-safe material, it rebounds back well without tearing or ripping even when chewed on.

And it comes in a nicely packaged box, ideal for gifting as well! All in all, this large sized ball is one that your furry four-legged pal will enjoy and have lots of fun engaging with.

Interactive Chew Dog Toy

Pet Qwerks

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Reasons We Love It

This interactive toy will make your pet's day more exciting and engaging. The motion-activated ball talks, growls and responds to your pup’s movements. Whether they bark, nudge or scratch, the Babble Ball is sure to delight even the smallest of dogs.

The Talking Babble ball is designed for all dogs — perfect for younger pups still learning about their boundaries and for older pets who need something stimulating. Visually impaired dogs also benefit from its engaging sounds, so no pup ever needs to feel left out of the fun. Thanks to its small size, it can be easily found under furniture or wherever your furry friends like to hide it most.

Things You Should Know

The Babble Ball is a unique, interactive toy designed to keep your dog entertained and active. Its construction with high impact ABS material makes it strong and durable enough to withstand aggressive chewing - no matter the size of your pup. But what sets this ball apart is its varied sound effects; there is an impressive range of wisecracks, sayings and more. With up to 20 different sounds, the Babble Ball will never run out of new noises to surprise and captivate your canine companion!

Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs


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Reasons We Love It

The ultimate frustration-free dog training toy that allows you to engage and inspire your beloved pup! This unique mat provides endless opportunities for your canine companion to explore and discover hidden treats or small toys.

Your furry friend will be encouraged to use their sense of smell and paw dexterity to uncover tasty rewards - the perfect way to keep your pup active, lose weight, and improve their natural behaviors. And best of all, you won’t have to worry about boredom causing your pup to act out in destructive ways.

Ideal for puppies or older dogs alike, AWOOF is the perfect way to spend quality time with your pet while still teaching them necessary skills without having to sacrifice convenience. Dogs love it!

Things You Should Know

Perfect for on the go dog owners, this dual-use mat provides all of your needs while traveling. Not only is the size ideal for storage, but the bottom of the mat is equipped with a special non-slip cloth that allows it to stay firmly in one place when being used.

It can also be easily folded into a bowl as an olfactory pad or training device for your pup. In addition, the main fabric of the scent pad is made from felt cloth making it easy to clean and environmentally friendly. For optimal maintenance, you should wash this item by hand!

Toys For Blind Dogs FAQs

You want to get your blind dog a toy, but you're not sure what would be the best option.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about toys for blind dogs so that you can make an informed decision about which toy is right for your pup.

What toys do visually impaired dogs like?

Visually impaired dogs can still enjoy a variety of toys and activities. As with any pet, it’s important to remember that each dog is unique in their likes and dislikes, so it’s best to observe your pup and get a sense of what they might find most enjoyable.

When it comes to toys for visually impaired dogs, plushies are the obvious choice! These are lightweight, soft toys that make great comfort objects for pups with vision loss.

Plushies also don't require a lot of visual cues or dexterity - as long as your dog knows where the toy is located by sound or scent, they'll be able to interact with it easily.

You can also try introducing additional textures like rope braids or squeakers attached to the plushie toy if your pup seems receptive; these make playing more stimulating while maintaining safety measures necessary for blind dogs getting around the house.

How do you keep a blind dog entertained?

Keeping a blind dog entertained can be a challenge, but it's entirely possible with the right toys and activities. It's important to keep in mind that blind dogs need extra patience and attention due to their visual impairment.

When it comes to toys, there are plenty of options that you can use for entertaining your pet. One interesting toy is an interactive puzzle toy, which encourages your dog to explore its environment using its sense of smell and hearing.

Puzzle toys also help build trust between you and your canine by rewarding them with treats when they complete the task correctly!

What do blind dogs like to play with?

Blind dogs enjoy playing just as much as their sighted canine companions but need a different set of toys and activities to make the experience safe and enjoyable.

The best types of toys for blind dogs are those that make noise, such as balls with bells inside them, or squeaky rubber chew toys.

These provide audible cues that your dog can track and may motivate him to explore more actively with his other senses.

Braille-style raised dots on bones, chewers and puzzle feeders also provide tactile engagement which helps engage all forms of play in a secure manner.

Blind dogs generally rely on smell more than vision so scent games can be both stimulating and fun! Hide treats around the house or yard (in secure locations only!) for your pup to sniff out - you’ll be amazed at how quickly they find them!

Playing fetch is also possible by using spotters who have eyesight – simply tell your helper where to toss the ball so it’s in reach for your pup to retrieve it.

You could even practice obedience commands outdoors on walks together; this is a great way for him to get exercise while improving his confidence!

What makes blind dogs happy?

Blind dogs can be just as happy and content as those with perfect vision! The key to providing a joyous, enriched life for blind dogs is not just to focus on their visual impairment, but to look at their other senses and create a stimulating environment.

Are dogs sad when blind?

No, dogs are not necessarily sad when blind. While it’s true that vision is a critical sense for much of a dog’s day-to-day activities, many blind dogs still live happy and fulfilled lives.

Just like humans, when dogs become blind or lose the ability to see, they will naturally take longer to adjust and figure out how to get around their environment; but with some patience and support from us they can eventually learn just as well as any other beloved pet would.

Do blind dogs play with toys?

For starters, you should find a dog toy that has interesting multiple textures or makes noise/animal sounds when shaken. This will give your four-legged friend something tangible to explore and interact with that isn’t dependent on visual cues.

You can also offer a treat inside of the toy which would give an added incentive for them to play, since they would have to smell and feel their way around it in order to find the reward.

One important thing to keep in mind is that if your dog does become frustrated at any point during this process, be sure to take a break from playing and then return later with more guidance and encouragement.

While you may want them to successfully complete tasks or engage in activities quickly, remember that blind dogs may need time—and plenty of it—to adjust appropriately without becoming overwhelmed.

If possible try guiding their nose directly onto a specific spot on the toy while gently encouraging them until they understand what is expected of them.

Providing enrichment opportunities like playing with toys can help blind dogs build confidence by improving balance (due to making use of their tactile senses), developing problem-solving skills through exploration, exercising both physical strength & mental sharpness all while having fun!

Do blind dogs need more attention?

Yes, blind dogs need more attention and care than sighted dogs in order to adapt successfully to their disability. Blindness is a disability that can drastically alter the way that dogs experience their surroundings. 

It can be difficult for them to adjust to this sudden change in vision and it affects how they interpret the world around them.

For a blind dog, having extra love and attention is essential for helping him or her navigate new environments with confidence and overcome fear of unfamiliar places. 

When training your blind dog, start with basic obedience commands such as sit, stay and come so he or she knows what you expect from them even without being able to see you physically. 

Patience is key as it may take longer for visual cues to register in your pup's mind since they have lost one of the major senses used for learning tasks.

Do blind dogs get anxiety?

Absolutely! Just like humans, blind dogs can experience anxiety. Being unable to see can be a very overwhelming sensation for a dog, and it is important to provide comfort and reassurance when helping them cope with their blindness.

Anxiety can manifest in different ways depending on the individual. Some common signs of anxiety in all dog breeds of blind dogs include pacing, restlessness, barking or whining more frequently, panting heavily or drooling excessively, becoming more clingy than usual, trembling or shaking and avoiding certain rooms/situations they used to enjoy such as going on walks.

It’s important to create a predictable environment that offers security for your blind dog. Move furniture to the same spot every day so they don’t stumble over it if they get lost at night.

Also make sure there are no obstacles blocking any pathways which might cause your pup further distress if they bump into something unintentionally.

Your vocal tone should also remain calm and reassuring so that your pet knows you are there for them during uncertain times.

Are dogs happy when they are blind?

Absolutely! Dogs can experience happiness even when they are blind. Blindness in dogs doesn't mean that their life is any less enjoyable or meaningful.

The key to keeping a blind dog happy and healthy is providing them with lots of love, support, and safety measures.

It's important for blind dog owners to take time to get your blind dog accustomed to its new environment. Make sure the furniture and objects remain in the same places so your pup knows where everything is located without getting lost or disoriented.

Also play auditory games like "find it" - this will help build confidence while stimulating mental activity which keeps dogs content and engaged!

Additionally you may want to provide tactile cues such as certain blankets that are always left out for them so they know exactly where they are at all times.

Can blind dogs sense light?

Yes, blind dogs can sense light. Although they may not be able to see light in the same way that sighted dogs do, research has shown that dogs who are born or become blind have a heightened sensitivity to changes in their environment.

This means that even if they can't actually detect the presence of light with their eyes, their other senses may be more sensitive to certain changes and sensations which would indicate the presence of light.

Are scented toys better for most dogs?

The answer to this question is a bit subjective because what works best for one dog may not necessarily be the ideal choice for another. However, there are some generalities that can be drawn about scented toys and how they typically affect most dogs.

Scented toys are often perceived as being more enjoyable and enticing for many dogs because of their distinct odor. Canines have an incredibly acute sense of smell, which makes them particularly sensitive to strong odors such as those found in most scented toys.

When playing with these types of items, your pup’s brain will release dopamine which gives them a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. Additionally, due to their heightened olfactory abilities, they can easily recognize some scents even after the toy has been washed or rubbed on other objects, making it easier for owners to keep track of where an item has been stored or used.

Do treat dispensing toys help teach impulse control or mental stimulation?

Yes, treat dispensing toys can be effective in teaching impulse control and/or mental stimulation. Especially for dogs, these types of toys help provide a stimulating experience that encourages learning and healthy behavior.

Treat-dispensing toys allow our furry friends to learn the sensation of delayed gratification by providing them with a reward for completing certain tasks or behaviors. This teaches self-control as their brains are rewarded once they've finished playing with the toy where it's based on how quickly they complete their task.

Treat-dispensing toys also can help enhance mental stimulation in dogs since it requires problem solving skills to figure out how to get the treats from inside the toy.

When pets are left alone at home, these kind of puzzles provide enriching play that engages their minds while helping prevent destructive behaviors caused by boredom such as excessive barking or chewing furniture/shoes/etc.

Chew proof interactive dog puzzle toys usually come with different levels adjusted to your pet’s level of interest while keeping them stimulated and engaged mentally throughout playtime!

Best Toys For Blind Dogs!

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