As the proud parent of one (or more) cats, you know that having a home that smells fresh all day long can be tricky.

But did you know that biodegradable cat litter from Amazon can help? Read on to learn why this is the purr-fect solution for your pet and your home!

What is Biodegradable Cat Litter?

Biodegradable cat litter is made from materials like wood, corn, or wheat.

It’s an eco-friendly alternative to traditional clay litter because it breaks down in landfills or compost piles faster than traditional litters do.

Plus, biodegradable cat litter also helps keep your home smelling fresh all day long — no more stinky surprises when company comes over!

Why Buy Cat Litter on Amazon?

Amazon has a great selection of biodegradable cat litter in different textures, shapes and sizes.

Plus, buying cat litter on Amazon means you don’t have to schlep heavy bags of cat litter back home from the store — just order online and it’ll be delivered right to your door!

If you already subscribe to Amazon Prime, then you get free shipping, so there’s no need to worry about any extra costs associated with delivery.

How Does Biodegradable Cat Litter Work?

Biodegradable cat litters are generally easier on kitty paws than traditional clay litters are — plus they’re better for the environment too!

They absorb odors quickly and break down faster than traditional litters do, meaning less time spent scooping out smelly clumps and more time spent playing with your feline friend.

And since they come in a variety of textures and shapes, finding the perfect litter for your pet is easy.

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