Are  you looking for the perfect family tent for your next camping trip with your pup?

Don't look any further! To make sure you and your beloved pet have a comfortable and safe camping trip, we've rounded up the best family tents for you.

From lightweight models to spacious tents, we have you covered.

These tents are designed with your pup in mind, featuring plenty of space for your pup to move around and plenty of ventilation to keep them cool.

Plus, these tents are made from durable materials and feature waterproof floors, so you won't have to worry about any unexpected messes.

Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a multi-day camping trip, our selection of the best family tents with your pup in mind will make your trip a breeze.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with your pup and enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style!

We hope you find everything you need and more from our product picks! All of the products were independently selected by our editors, and PawsPicks may receive a share of sales or other compensation if you purchase something through one of the links (this is how we stay in business).

How We Choose The Best Family Tent For You & Your Fur Baby!

Are you looking for the perfect family tent for your next camping trip?

But do you want one that's big enough to accommodate your pup too?

Look no further than our team's list of the 5 best family tents that can be found on Amazon.

Knowing how important it is to have a tent that comfortably holds everyone, choosing the right one among the abundance of brands and types can be overwhelming.

Our team of outdoors experts has read thousands of product reviews on Amazon to find the best family tents for you and your fur baby.

We've done all the hard work so that you can easily find and purchase the perfect tent for your next camping trip.

Get ready to enjoy quality time in nature with your pup!

BeyondHOME Instant Cabin Tent

Best For Easy Setup

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Reasons We Love It

The BeyondHOME Instant Cabin Tent is the perfect companion for camping, hiking, outdoor parties, and picnics!

This tent is designed for easy setup in just 60 seconds and boasts 2 mesh doors, 6 mesh windows, a mesh tent top, and one side ventilation for maximum airflow.

It's also roomy, weather-proof, and sturdy, with a peak height of 78 inches and enough space to fit two queen-size mattresses with plenty of extra space.

Plus, the included room divider can divide the tent into two private rooms, so you can enjoy added privacy when you need it.

Things You Should Know

The BeyondHOME Instant Cabin Tent is made with double-thick fabric that meets the Cpai-84 Flammability Requirement and has thickened protections on the upper corner of the pole to avoid any puncture to the rainfly.

It also features an upgraded SBS zipper for a smoother user experience and a camp port for added convenience if you need electricity from outside.

Plus, the gear loft and pockets help keep your tent organized.

CAMPROS CP Tent-8-Person

Best For Water Resistance

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Reasons We Love It

CAMPROS CP Tent-8-Person is the perfect family tent you’ve ever seen!

It is made of high-quality 185T polyester with a 1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic water-resistant coating, so it will keep you and your family completely dry under the light rain.

It also has a smooth zipper and well-made poles, making it easy to set up in just 5 minutes.

Plus, it has a divided room with a large mesh door and five mesh windows, so you can enjoy the fresh air and the bugs stay out.

Things You Should Know

This tent is ideal for outdoor camping, hiking, and fishing, and it provides plenty of space for eight people or a nine-person family.

It also comes with a carry bag that is 24.6 x 8.26 x 8.26 inches in size. CAMPROS CP Tent-8-Person is lightweight at 17.4 lb, making it easy to carry in your backpack or store in the car.

KTT Extra Large Tent 12 Person

Best For Durability

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Reasons We Love It

KTT Extra Large Tent 12 Person is a great choice for anyone in need of a durable and spacious tent.

This tent is made out of waterproof Oxford polyester, which is designed to hold up against any weather conditions.

It's also equipped with 3 doors and 3 windows with mesh, so you'll have plenty of ventilation.

Plus, the straight wall design provides you with more interior space and comfort, and the high-density mesh offers a beautiful view of the sky.

Things You Should Know

KTT Extra Large Tent 12 Person is the perfect tent for camping trips and outdoor adventures. It can fit up to 12 people, and even 4 full-size air mattresses.

The tent also includes a separation curtain to divide the space into two rooms, as well as stakes and wind ropes for extra stability.

Plus, it's easy to set up and the small package volume makes it easy to carry and store.

HIKERGARDEN 10-Person Camping Tent

Best For Thick & Sturdy Material

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Reasons We Love It

HIKERGARDEN 10-Person Camping Tent is perfect for family camping trips.

It is designed with a floor dimension of 168 x 132 inches and a center height of 74 inches, making it larger than other tents so that most people can stand up straight without stooping.

Spacious enough to fit 10 adults, 3 Queen air mattresses, or 10 sleeping bags, it offers the perfect amount of room for a cozy camping experience.

It's made of 185T Polyester and has PU1000mm waterproofing, ensuring that it won't leak in the rain.

Plus, the thick and sturdy fabric and long nails at the corners make it stands well in all weather.

Things You Should Know

This camping tent also has a divided curtain for better privacy.

It's lightweight at 20.5 lbs and comes with a carry bag so you can take it with you wherever you go.

To increase airflow, it has 1 large mesh door, 4 mesh windows, and a breathable top ceiling to let in the fresh air and a warm breeze.

HIKERGARDEN 10-Person Camping Tent is perfect for any camping trip and is sure to provide hours of fun for you and your family.

CORE 12-Person Tent

Best For Weather Protection

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Reasons We Love It

The CORE 12-Person Tent is the perfect tent for camping with friends and family.

Its spacious interior and adjustable ventilation make it comfortable, while its H20 Block Technology and sealed seams ensure weather protection.

The included room divider allows you to create two separate rooms, and the storage pockets help keep your items off the floor.

With all these features, it's no wonder the CORE 12-Person Tent is loved by campers everywhere!

Things You Should Know

In addition to its amazing features, the CORE 12-Person Tent is also designed for efficient set-up and take-down.

Its lightweight frame and included wheeled carry bag makes it easy to transport, while the telescoping poles and intuitive color-coded poles make set-up a breeze.

When you're ready to pack up, the tent quickly folds down into a compact size for storage and transport.

Top Family Tent For You & Your Dog FAQs

You want to take your dog camping but don't know which family tent to choose.

It can be tricky to find the right family tent for you and your pup.

How do you know which one will give you the best value for your money?

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about family tents for you and your dog so you can know more about these tents.

With this list, you'll be able to make an informed decision about the best family tent for you and your pup.

Can a dog sleep in a tent with you?

Yes, a dog can sleep in a tent with you, as long as you make sure the tent is large enough and that the dog is comfortable. It's important to make sure the tent is well-ventilated and that the dog is not exposed to extreme temperatures. Additionally, you should always take into account the size of your dog, as well as the size of the tent, to ensure that there is enough room for both of you.

What camping tent is suitable for dogs?

When choosing a camping tent for your dog, you should look for one that is waterproof and made of breathable fabric. It should also be large enough for your dog to move around comfortably and have plenty of ventilation. You can also look for features like a rainfly, awnings, or an elevated floor to keep your pup dry and comfortable during your camping trip. Additionally, look for tents that have extra features like pockets for storage and a loop for a dog leash.

Can dogs stay warm in a tent?

Yes, dogs can stay warm in a tent as long as they are provided with adequate bedding. Blankets or sleeping bags should be used to insulate the bottom of the tent, and a warm coat or sweater should be used to cover the dog during cold weather. Additionally, if the temperature drops too low, it is important to bring the dog inside the tent to keep it warm.

How do you travel and camp with a dog?

Traveling and camping with a dog can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be a challenge. Before you set out, make sure you have all the necessary supplies and equipment, such as a leash, collar, food, water, and a bed. It's also important to research the area you plan to visit to ensure that it's pet-friendly.

When camping, make sure your dog is safe and secure at all times. Use a leash to keep your dog close to you and always pick up after them. Bring plenty of water and food to make sure your dog stays hydrated and well-nourished. Finally, make sure you take regular breaks for your dog to rest and play.

Can I leave my dog alone in the tent?

No, it is not recommended to leave your dog alone in a tent. Dogs can become stressed and anxious when left alone in a confined space, and can potentially cause damage to the tent. Additionally, if the weather is hot, the tent can become very hot, and this can be dangerous for your dog. It is best to keep your dog with you or in a safe, secure area while camping.

Do dogs need a bed when sleeping in a tent?

Yes, dogs need a bed when sleeping in a tent. A bed provides a comfortable and safe place for your dog to sleep. It also helps keep them warm and dry in cold or wet weather. A bed also helps protect the floor of the tent from dirt and debris. Additionally, it can help keep your dog from being disturbed by other animals or people.

Are dogs warm in a tent?

Yes, dogs can be quite warm in a tent, depending on the temperature outside. If it's cold outside, it's important to make sure your pup is well-insulated with blankets and other warm items. Additionally, make sure your pup is wearing a coat or sweater to help keep them warm. If it's warm outside, you can use a fan to help circulate air and keep your pup cool.

In Conclusion

Are you ready to hit the great outdoors with your furry family members?

With the five best family tents for dogs that we reviewed here, you can rest assured that you and your pup will have a great camping experience.

From spacious interiors and superior ventilation to waterproof materials and weather-resistant designs, these tents will keep you and your pup safe and comfortable during your outdoor adventures.

So don't wait any longer and pick the one that's perfect for your family today!

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